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Heavy industries are responsible for 25% of total CO2 emissions from the European Union, with around 60% of these emissions coming from energy-intensive industries like steel and cement. In the decades ahead, these industries will continue emitting CO2 even if we switch to 100% renewable energy.


Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) has been identified as one of the key mitigation strategies for decarbonisation in these industries to meet net zero carbon targets and to minimise the severe consequences of global climate change. 


For steel and cement industries who have the responsibility and growing need to reduce GHG emissions, Green Quotient’s CO2 MemFlux offers the next generation CCS technology that delivers high CO2 capture performance in post combustion processes under extreme conditions of flue gas mixture.


Our expertise lies in engineering materials that offer high energy efficiency with significant savings to operating cost. We build, test and re-engineer materials to deliver breakthrough capabilities, offering our expertise at the forefront of global CCS industry to help steel and cement manufacturers achieve carbon neutrality.  

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